Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Waiting

Well, this is pretty awesome. I'd never before noticed how much Eddie Vedder sounds like Tom Petty, but he really does. Quite a bit less nasally, quite a bit more vibrato, and with a range that's at least half an octave lower normally, and yet if you didn't know better—if there were no video and you were just hearing this in the car on the radio, like back in prehistoric times—it'd be easy to think this was simply the best version you'd ever heard Petty do of one of his very best songs. Obviously, Vedder does put his own stamp on it, and having the redoubtable Heartbreakers playing doesn't exactly hurt. Nor does the cool atmospheric breakdown before Petty himself takes the bridge.

This is one of the best guest appearances I've ever seen, thanks to one artist who knows how to share generously and another who's never been shy about proclaiming himself a star-struck fan.

(Also, Eddie Vedder, for all he seems to be about the coolest possible rock star—according to just about everything I've read about him—remains about the worst dancer in popular music, with the obvious exception of Mick Jagger.) 

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