Saturday, April 11, 2015

Go All the Way

There are many notable things here. The fact that lead singer Eric Carmen copped not just Paul McCartney's way with melody and penchant for power pop but also his singing mannerisms, with those puppy dog eyes peeking out from beneath lhasa apso hair and the way he nods and tilts and bobs his head strategically. That someone apparently had to sedate the drummer with massive quantities of valium before this take. That a double neck guitar, famously heavy and unpleasant to wear, is required for absolutely no discernible reason but doesn't it look cool?

But most of all that joining the Loch Ness Monster, Sasquatch, the jackalope and the MPDG is the girlfriend of the song's protagonist who is only slightly less likely to exist than any of those.

And who cares? Those crunchy chords driving that insanely catchy melody...the lyrics could be about the yeti marrying the mothman while the ceremony's overseen by a chupacabra and I'd be all in.

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