Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Good Times Roll

Ric Ocasek was so tall and thin that he actually makes this clip appear as though the film has been damaged or intentionally distorted, until you see Elliott Easton and Benjamin Orr and realize, no, it's just that despite the larger public profile, it's Ocasek and not Bowie who was an alien.

There were so many amazing things about the Cars, among them the absolutely wonderful and still somewhat under-heralded playing of Easton and Greg Hawkes. But obviously Ocasek's songwriting is the primary (although far from only) ingredient. This song is a great example: melodic and driving with good lyrics, it's a song that, true to its title, seems to extoll that very notion of letting the good times roll...and yet it does so at a plodding pace with vocals that sound as if they're coming from someone chronically depressed or perhaps simply sociopathic. And somehow it all works. 

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