Friday, April 10, 2015

Oh Abraham

This is a big week for Abraham Lincoln. A great big round anniversary. 150 years.

150 years. 150 years yesterday that he put the Union back together by ending the Civil War. 150 years ago today he allowed General Lee to peaceably address his troops and then leave on his way. 150 years next week that he was murdered by some dirtbag loser. Damn.

Here's a great song about him by a terrific songwriter in John Gorka. Not just honoring who he was, but lamenting what's become of the party President Lincoln once built. Funny thing, and not at all funny in a "ha ha" way, is that this song was written 14 years ago. And things have just gotten so much damn worse since then.

Oh Abraham look at all the money now,
Oh Abraham good night.
It's your party but I'll cry if I want to.
I wouldn't care how much they have
If they would only do what's right.

Right on, John.

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