Monday, December 30, 2019

RIP Neil Innes

Whenever I think of my favorite musical artists ever, Neil Innes never comes to mind. And yet the man who wrote "Knights of the Round Table" and "Brave Sir Robin," among so many others, probably brought me more joy than all but a tiny handful of musicians.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Owner of a Lonely Heart

I am amazed by this video. Amazed that it took me nearly 40 years to witness its majestic awfulness. Amazed that this was made by the same band at roughly the same time as the other video they did for the same song—a video that would be (justifiably) played to death by MTV. Amazed that they decided to cut away from Trevor Rabin just as he's about to sing the echo to the title in the chorus. Amazed by the comments it's engendered:
That looks like something a junior-high school band did for their drummer's aunt's public access cable TV show.
Hardly moves
The ratio of awesome music to awkward visuals is staggering
No parrot has been harmed in the making of this video, several stylists and visual artists died during production though.
The setting sucks. Was the whole budget spent on the parrots?
Mom! Dad's singing in the living room again.
The singer even looks like he rushed from his summer job at the Thrifty Drug ice cream counter and forgot to take his nametag off.
If you mute it, the singer appears to be a daytime kids TV presenter talking over educational concepts for the kids who were too ill to go to school.
When every contestant in the "world's least cool man" competition wins!
Holy shit this is bad. They must have felt amazing in the studio: "look Trevor Horn is making us sound like the future". And then they made this.
Good god that’s awful. I couldn’t get through the whole thing but assume the sand worm from Beetlejuice came along and ate all of them.
Now I know why so many serial killers like prog rock
I mean...just look at this thing. Are any of those comments wrong? Or even unfair?

(Okay, this one may be a little unfair. But funny!)
I feel sorry for their lonely hut. Someone should move in.