About Us

More or less.

(I'm the good looking one.)

More candid shots of us.

Going to prom together. It was obvious to all how 
complimentary our styles were. 

DT's the good looking one here, but that's because they didn't
photograph my good side no matter how much I insisted. 

This is actually the very first moment we met, when we knew
we'd be life-long buds forever and ever, as long as we never, ever
discussed Abba. 
DT, the Happy Wanderer, delighted to be deserting an unusually chipper Scott. 

The second time we met.  Scott was simply reclining sexily when DT's natural grace kicked in
as he attempted to perambulate by.

Candid shot of DT and Scott moshing to John Mayer.

Actual photo of DT and Scott after co-writing a blog for several years.

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