Monday, June 8, 2015

Souls of the Departed

This is from one of the Vote for Change shows in 2004. But I'd love to know just how this came about. "Hey, Neil, wanna come out and play?" "Sure! Can we do a deep cut off one of your two least known and liked LPs?"

However it happened, I'm just glad it did. (And keep an ear out for the couple times Neil seems to quote "Cinnamon Girl" at the end of phrases.)


  1. Well, aside from thinking that "a deep cut off the LP that happened to come out on the same day as your least liked LP" would be a little more fair, I sure can't quibble with this. In fact, I love it a whole lot.

  2. You think? I mean, I like to think it's fairly clear I love the durn thing.

    But I'd say that, unfairly, it's still coupled with Human Touch, rather than being seen as the masterpiece it itself is. No?

  3. A beautiful thing. The ghostly vibrato of Neil's guitar rising like the souls of the... and drowning out Nils and his harmonica.

  4. Or we could say that Human Touch and Lucky Town set a high commercial bar (platinum, peaked on the US album charts at #2 and #3, respectively) that The Ghost of Tom Joad (gold, peaked at #11) could not clear.

    Or we could all agree to just never mention Human Touch again.