Wednesday, June 3, 2015


I love this so much my chest hurts.

It's not just that he looks like the cavemen from that old insurance commercial. It's not just that it's obvious he's not lip-synching. It's not the weird smile around 0:26. It's not even the overalls, maybe the oddest clothing trend for rock stars during an entire decade that was almost nothing but odd clothing trends for rock stars. (I mean, okay, I get the crazy excess of most of the clothing trends—I may not find them attractive, but I understand where they're coming from. But overalls? Really?)

Is is the use of the word "autobahn"? The word "whiskey"? The term "moonlight bar"?

It is not. Those things are all wonderful. But, no, it's the way he keeps glancing at the camera, as though to make sure it's still there. (Understandably.) It's the little laugh during the breakdown. And it's how happy he looks when the performance is over—and unlike the original artists, you don't get the feeling it's just because he's counting up how many hundreds of thousands they each just made.

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