Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Waitress in the Sky

Oh my good golly. All those years and I'd been getting one of my favorite songs completely backwards.
“‘Waitress In The Sky’ has been misconstrued since day one. It came from my sister, who was a flight attendant, and she used the phrase in disgust, explaining that she was treated like a waitress in the sky. So I took the role of the demanding bastard in the aeroplane who expects the flight attendant to be a nurse and a maid. Some took it as a slam, but it was me trying to speak through her experiences. Nobody ever threw a drink on me over it."
Paul Westerberg

Oh ho ho.

It's funny, what I took to be the class consciousness of the lyric always appealed to me, but I had trouble with what a jerk the narrator seemed to be. Not that his resentment was necessarily without some justification, but how he appeared to be taking it out on the wrong person.

And now I know why all that was. My oh my.


  1. Damn, I had this one wrong too. Yet another revelation from Reason to Believe. Thanks boys.

    I think I like it better as Paul's disgust with his sister though so I might try to mis-remember this one.

  2. Thanks Davey! It's what we're here for. More to the point, it's what Scott's here for. I am largely just eye-candy.

    And I agree. I always figured the song was Paul's disgust as well. Just at some random flight attendant who irritated him. Scott's right - the class consciousness is always there, yet it kinda eluded me. Largely because I am kind of dumb.