Sunday, September 22, 2013


You may know her name is Rio and that she dances on the sand. But her secret is in that really remarkably funky yet melodic bass line twisting through a dusty land.

For years, my good lady wife would try to tell me to see past Simon Le Bon-Bon's gringe-inducing lyrics and the pretty boy looks of them all and that if I did, I'd discover the Pre-Fab Five were actually a pretty kickass rock band. I would pat her knee and say I'm sure they were.

Then I actually paid attention to the actual tracks. And...well, what do you know. Because Le Bon's lyrics are all about how she looks, so that when he finally purrs that he knows what she's thinking, there's no reason to believe him. In fact, it's clear he has no idea what she's really thinking. He doesn't know this woman, doesn't know what makes her tick. He's all about surface.

The bass line, on the other hand...that's her. That's her heart and soul. It takes a while to discover, but once you do...

As usual, Willie Dixon got it right: the men don't know, but the little girls understand.

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