Saturday, July 4, 2015

The 50 States Song

I love this song. (Even if Cali gets a tiny bit shortchanged.)

It's a part of the act
The fifty states
Pack up your bags
It's never too late
From Alabama to Arkansas
Follow Alaska, say what you saw
Swim in the ocean, Maryland, Maine
Then Massachusetts, what a great place
Go to New Hampshire, Missouri too
It's not Virgina but it will do
Take a drive to Ohio
We went running through the oil
And my favourite avenue
I tried it all my favourite choose
There's Mississippi, Kentucky blue
Rhode Island rage
And a Tennessee too
See Oklahoma or Michigan
There's a Nevada, see Washington win
Or Arizona, Colorado
Connecticut Yankee, love Ohio
Louisiana, Delaware who
Go Minnesota, we're thinking of you
When we came to Washington
We went running through the rain
In my favourite city park
In my favourite time of day
Oh California, Wyoming too
Go to Wisconsin, New Jersey loves you
Fly in to Georgia, Idaho Bay
Or Indiana, they all seem the same
Flordia voting, Montana chew
Visit Nebrasksa, there's nothing to do
North Carolina, Oregon arms
Illinois people, Illinois farms
If I lived in Rhode Island
Or if I lived in Michigan
Or if I lived to be a man
Will you comfort me again?
There's West Virgina, gold in Vermont
Visit Hawaii or New Mexico
Iowa, Texas, take it all in
The Mormans in Utah, the money in gin
There's Pennsylvania, driving at night
South Carolina, what a delight
Dakotas and Kansas
Piggy and pork
Jump on a train, head back to New York
It's a part of the act
The fifty states
Pack up your bags, it's never too late
God bless America
Land that I love

God bless America
Land that I love

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