Thursday, November 6, 2014


This is, unbelievably, probably (only) the third best song on Hunky Dory, which was, unbelievably, David Bowie's fourth LP.

And he was all of 24 when he wrote this. Sometimes I can't even.

I mean, the slightly crazy chord changes which, especially towards the end, have a circular quality that makes them seem as though they'll go on forever (and I'd be just fine with that). The metaphysical lyrics which, okay, might betray his age in spots ("knowledge comes with death's release" sounds powerful deep when you're 24 or younger but is more likely to elicit a sardonically raised eyebrow much later) but still manage to be kinda shockingly literate yet not pretentious or clunky. And, most of all, that melody. My God, that melody.

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