Friday, November 28, 2014


Jefferson Holt, the first manager of R.E.M., once said:
"They'll hate me for this," he says, "but to me the first time I saw them was like what I would have imagined of seeing the Who when they first started."
Taking each band as a whole, there are probably more stylistic differences than similarities—although both did go downill markedly once they decided to move on without their originals drummers—but one of the things both have in common are extremely distinctive lead singers and outstanding backing vocalists.

Note, for example, that at this early, pre-Murmur concert, Mike Mills is the one singing the wordless "ah"s in the verses, while Bill Berry is the one singing the (mixed too loud here) "lighted"s in the chorus. It's that melding of the three different voices singing different parts that's a not inconsiderable part of their magic.

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