Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Thunder Road (ukulele version)

That's right. That's exactly what it is.

I never ever EVER thought I would see or hear a cover version of "Thunder Road" that would make me sit back and just say, "Damn!"

But now I have. No lie. Watch and love.

[H/T: the great zombie, rotten and farming.]


  1. back when I saw Springsteen on the Magic tour, a couple of weeks later I was in a little club in town watching a four-band bill of Americana; Brent Best's band The Drams, Glossary, Two Car Garage and The Championship, if I recall correctly. The bands swapped member freely all night, and played nearly continuously in one formation or another. And after four or five hours of raw, sweaty, alcohol-fueled straight up rock n roll, Brent Best called all the members of the band up onto the one-step stage riser, with barely any room between, for a balls-to-the-wall sweat-drenched and primal version of Born to Run that made the E Street Band's version a few weeks earlier seem pale. I found myself thinking "I'll bet Bruce wants this to be the way the song is heard".

    The strength of the songs and a committed performance make them work in many different forms. Kind of a different angle on the discussion we were having about "The Ghost Of Tom Joad".