Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Year's Day

So my imaginary friend Chris mentioned that he has several times been stuck in hotel courtesy vehicles with drivers who are enamoured of this series of God-awful albums.

Naturally, I was horrified, as would any right thinking mammal, upon hearing The Clash covered by—and this is really their real name—The Cooltrane Quartet. Because I mean really. Need I say more?

But then I made the mistake of playing this one.


...and I kinda love it.

I don't like cool jazz—in fact, I pretty much hate it the way DT hates hair metal. And I'm not at all fond of lounge singing or, indeed, almost any jazz vocals. But damn if this doesn't somehow work.

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  1. Back in the weird days, I worked with a guy to find a proper place to open a jazz club. We got to be good friends. He eventually opened his club in the ground floor of the building where I would eventually relocate my office...

    But Chris ran a nice little club. I went there often. But on one of the latter visits, I went back to the office, and it became obvious that there was business other than music and drinks going on. I felt bad, and never went back.

    I dunno if I can hear smooth jazz without flashing on that....