Sunday, August 12, 2012


Of the dozen or so versions of "Echoes" I've heard, I find precisely none of them more interesting than this brief snippet—and only an epic like "Echoes" could make a six minute rendition seem brief. Check out how chuffed the entire band is to be taking the piss like this—and how quickly it turns serious, if still joyful.

A note  to the cameraman and director, however: if you'd included three times as many shots with Dave Gilmour and Rick Wright in the frame at the same time, it'd be three times better. You kept almost getting it right, but for the first half, at least, kept getting it just wrong instead. A pity.

Still pretty great, though.

Both inviting and inciting. 

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  1. Great version of a great song. The thing I like about this version is that it just happened - not synced or slave to a midi track because a pig has to float up at precisely 2:12 into the song for full impact. My favorite version is still the BBC 1971 version introduced by John Peel. And the next time you are at a guitar store, grab a Strat and a wah pedal, plug it in backwards, then twittle the tone knob on the strat. you will definitely turn heads! Make sure the volume is good and loud...