Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bruce Springsteen, Midwestern Suburban Poet

Just in case you ever wondered what Bruce Springsteen's oeuvre might have been like had he grown up in, oh, let's say, a Denver suburb in the late 70s/early 80s, we offer this rare glimpse into just such an alternate universe. 

“4th of July, Del Mar Park (Tiffany)”

“5 Channels (And Nothin' On)"  

“A Night with the Jersey-Knit Sweater”

“Adam Glazed a Ham”

"Ain't Got Yoo-Hoo"

“All that 7-11 Will Allow”

"American Bland"

“Aqua Net Headed Woman”

"Badland o' Lakes Butter"

“Better Days Inn”


“Blinded by the Lite Brite”

“Born to Walk at a Brisk but Satisfying Pace”

“Braise Your Lamb”

“Brilliant Halloween Costume”

“Devilled Eggs & Dust”

“Does This Bus Stop at the Korean Baptist Church?”

"Downbound Training Bra"

“Drive All Early Evening”

“Dungaree Heart”

"He-Man at the Top"

“Girls in Their Target Clothes”

“Jackson Batting Cage”

“Janey Don't You Lose Your Library Card”


“Lightly Overcast Road”

“Lonesome Dave”

“Maria's Bed and Breakfast”

“My Beautiful Rewards Points”

"My Hometown Buffet"

“Open All Night? In These Parts? Are You Nuts?”

“Orange Crush on You”

“Outlet Mall Pete”

“Prairie Dog Tunnel of Love”

“Racing in the Cul de sac”

“Reason to Believe That K-Mart's Prices Are Lowest”

“Ricky Wants a Video of Her Own”

"Rocky II, III, IV and V Ground"

“Roll of the D&D Dice”

“Rosarita (Come Out Tonight)"

"School Spirit in the Night"

"Sherry Darling, I Bought You Some New Parachute Pants"

“She's The One Wearing the Denver Nuggets Cap”

“Shorn in the USA”

"Spare Ribs"

“The Ghost of Tom & Jerry”

"The Price You Pay is Probably Lower at Wal-Mart"

"The Promise Margarine"

“The Thin Leather Ties That Bind”

“Tougher Than the Meth”

“Volare Ranch”

“Waterproof It All Night”

“Well, Maybe SOME Surrender”

“Wild Missy's Kool-Aid Story”

“Working on a Dreamsicle”

“Working on the Lego Highway”

Special thanks to Melissa Wiley for her help compiling this list of mean streets really quite polite and admirably wide streets goodness. 

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