Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pictures of Lily

I've liked very few of David Bowie's covers: he's one of those artists whose own identity is so strong and, conventional and actual wisdom somewhat to the contrary, so sui generis that his covers rarely rise to the level of the original, much less surpass.

I'm not going to say this surpasses the original, since you can't surpass perfection, but taking it in a dream pop direction was pretty brilliant, as it works both sonically and thematically.


  1. Scott.

    Since I am unbearable and evil, I thought I would piss you off by mentioning we saw the E Street band tonight, and a post is up at my place.

    For what it's worth, I feel guilty.

  2. There are some musicians who are great at covers, and like you say, some who can't quite convert other's work into their own...idiom.

    One of the former is, strangely, Jakob Dylan. We saw him play Summerfest once, and the three best songs he played were covers, including "(What's so funny 'bout) Peace Love And Understanding"