Friday, October 9, 2015

Surrender/Bastards of Young

Apparently Green Day refers to this as "the midwestern medley." I refer to it as "so very good."

(Yeah, it might be a little weird to pair up perhaps the most heartfelt, soul-bearing song of the first 2/3rds of the Replacements' output with an absolutely pristine power-pop ditty with confused and confusing takes on sexuality, but since these are two of the top Big Star acolytes ever, and the tempos match up, we'll go with it.)

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  1. I recently road-tripped to MPLS to see a Big Star tribute at First Avenue, focusing on the Third album; featuring Chris Stamey, Mike Mills, Dave Pirner, and many others. Notably, the Wooldridge Brothers and Trapper & Tanner Schoepp, from Milwaukee. Not to mention several augmenting musicians, strings and horns and a GODDAM BASSOON.

    It was glorious.