Monday, May 4, 2015


Time, as we all know, generally tends to have a somewhat blunting effect on events, dulling the impact of even the most awful.

Yet here we are, 45 years down the line, and the Kent State killings are still as horrifying and incomprehensible as ever.

Also, I highly recommend you check out this piece at the great Round Place in the Middle.
[Here is a g]enerally useful map, from the Nixon Administration’s investigation, of the ground on which the Kent State shootings took place. Bill Schroeder’s body is placed a long way from where he fell, perhaps to give some validity to the one truly wry element, which is the caption placed next to Step 6 that reads “GUARD HEADED BACK UP HILL–STUDENTS FOLLOW.” Never mind that none of the hundreds of photographs taken show students meeting any rational definition of the word “follow.” One only needs to note the distance to the Prentice Hall parking lot, where the fire was heavily concentrated and where, in fact, all of the dead and most of the wounded actually fell. The parking lot is a hundred yards away and fifty feet downhill. I suppose a fully accurate map might have risked representing what a true “threat” the “rioting” students at Kent State University represented to men who were armed with high-powered rifles and literally a few paces away from the safety of no longer being offended by people yelling insults and giving them the finger.
[Emphasis added.]


  1. Hey Scott, thanks very much for the link. Just discovered your site so very much look forward to perusing. John R.

    1. Nondisposable Johnny! My pleasure—as a big Elvis fan, I'm a huge fan of your site.