Monday, August 12, 2013

The Hitter

I'm working on formatting an upcoming piece for this here site when this song comes on.

"Daddy," says my seven-year-old from the kitchen table, where she's been quietly coloring for an hour.

"Yes?" I reply distractedly.

"I love this song so much."

This gets my attention. "Really?"

"Yes," she replies matter-of-factly. "I've never heard it before. But now I love it because even though I don't know the words, listening to it you can just tell someone's sneaking up on him."

I start to laugh, but then I listen. And I realize she's absolutely right. It's just that it's either not a "someone" but a "something"...or if it is a "someone," that someone is the singer himself. And even if you don't know the lyrics, it's all right there in the music. 

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