Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Smells Like Teen Spirit

So. Kurt Cobain would have been 45 years old today. There've been lots of posts about him today, from running old, little-seen clips, to using aging software to show what he might have looked like.

But one of the first things I always think of when I think of him is the mischievous look he gets around 0:27 here. It's not their greatest performance of their greatest song, but it's pretty damn great anyway. Krist Novoselic appears typically hammered, Dave Grohl attacks the drums like literally no one else—save possibly Animal—ever had before (including, yes, even the mighty Bonham), and Kurt himself seems to want to sorta phone in the performance...but keeps forgetting himself and accidentally being transcendant.

He should have been around longer. But, jeez louise, what he gave us in the meantime.



  1. Great performance! And nice of them to make room on the stage for Crispin Glover...

  2. Ha! Yes! Funny, I almost added something about: Dear Director--if you still have the footage, please consider re-editing this. And anytime you're tempted to cut to the dancer? DON'T.

  3. Could they have been as good without Grohl on the drums? I doubt it.

  4. "Could they have been as good without Grohl on the drums?"

    Oh, good golly, no. He was absolutely integral to their sound and power and success. Actually, I think the importance of Novoselic is greatly overlooked—it's not a coincidence that so many of their best songs feature his bass as the main instrument, with Cobain's guitar used as color.