Thursday, June 7, 2012

Back in Black/Superstition

I love mashups. At their best, they can lead you to view the original source material in a new way, combine to create a discrete and valid artistic entity.

This is not that. This simply smooshes together the vocal line of one brilliant song with the powerhouse instrumental track of another recording. It doesn't really illuminate much, except, perhaps, to demonstrate yet again that there is no musical milieu in which you cannot place Stevie Wonder and have him utterly excel—and while that's not exactly news to anyone who's alert enough to tie his or her own shoes, well, some truths bear repeating.

On the other hand, the plethora of mashups featuring this backing track does emphasize just how powerful a piece of music it is. Furthermore, in this context, the final verse actually resembles some sort of proto-rap, with Brian Johnson spitting out words like a precursor to DMX.

 The horns are a nice touch, too.

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